In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, content creation has blossomed into a global endeavor and the far-reaching arms of the internet seamlessly connect people across languages and cultures, igniting a spark of innovation that blazes through linguistic barriers. Thus, generating compelling and original content in languages beyond English has become increasingly important. Hence, the need for article-spinning tools that transcend linguistic boundaries.

In this article, we will take a look at some article spinner rewriter tools that cater to the rich tapestry of non-English languages. From their multilingual capabilities to the intricacies of accurate language adaptation, we will together unravel the possibilities and pitfalls of spinner rewriter tools that support non-English content creation.

spinner re-writer tool for non english?

spinner re-writer tool for non english
spinner re-writer tool for non english

Absolutely! Several spinner rewriter tools support non-English languages and cater to non-English content creators. Let us now take a look at some of them:

  • SpinnerChief: With SpinnerChief, you can spin content into over 20 different languages including English, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Turkish, Indonesian, Greek, French, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Word AI: WordAI is one of the most popular spinning tools in use today and in addition to supporting English, it now also supports spinning in 3 other languages – French, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Jasper AI: Jasper is an AI-powered article rewriter that can read and write in 25+ languages including English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Polish, Greek, Italian, Finnish, Russian, Chinese, Estonian, Swedish, etc.
  • The Best Spinner: The Best Spinner is another article rewriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to rewrite the text. It can be used to paraphrase text, change the order of words, and replace them with synonyms. With The Best Spinner, you can spin content into 14 different languages including English, French, German, Spanish, and Chinese.
  • Content Professor: Content Professor is a user-friendly article rewriting tool that is often recommended for novice content creators to start with because of its ease of use. It supports four languages; German, French, Spanish, and English.
  • Chimp Rewriter: Chimp Rewriter is a desktop-based software that works on both Mac and Microsoft. It also supports several languages.
  • Spinbot: SpinBot has a feature known as Language Detector which is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to identify the language of a written document. It is accurate, reliable, and easy to use. To use this, you Simply paste the text in question into the designated field and select “Detect”.

Please note that when choosing any of these spinner rewriter tools for non-English languages, it is important to explore the tool’s features and capabilities, as well as user reviews, to ensure it meets your specific language and content creation needs and you should always verify the accuracy and quality of spun content, regardless of the language.

11 Best AI Rewriting Software

spinner re-writer tool for non english
spinner re-writer tool for non english

Do you need help spinning or rewriting new articles from existing ones and you are wondering what article rewriting tool would be the most suitable? Then look no further! I have put together a list of 11 of the best AI rewriting software available today, complete with their key features, pros, and cons. They are:

  • The Best Spinner
  • Word AI
  • Jasper
  • Spinbot
  • SpinnerChief
  • Spin Rewriter
  • Chimp Rewriter
  • QuillBot
  • SmallSeoTools
  • Content Professor
  • Copymatic

Now, let’s delve into what these article rewriter tools are – what they do and what they do not do:

The Best Spinner

The best spinner is a nifty tool for twisting your writing. It boasts an extensive synonym database, offering various spinning modes, including automatic and manual. Users can create unique versions of content with ease, aided by its automatic grammar-checking feature.

Key Features:

●   A database of seed articles available

●   Can generate up to 100 versions of one article

●   Large thesaurus of synonyms available

●   Automatic grammar checking

●   Uses text-to-speech technology for quick content creation


●   Supports up to 14 languages

●   articles

●   Can publish directly to your WordPress site

●   Easy to use


●   No free trial

●   Only yearly payments are available

●       Works on a monthly credit model

Word AI

Word AI re-imagines rewriting with the brilliance of AI. It’s like having a genius linguist fine-tune your content. Its algorithms dive deep into sentence contexts, rearranging words to add depth. It offers multiple spinning levels and supports various languages. If quality is your game, then WordAI is your MVP.

Key Features:

●   Uses context to understand and distinguish between words while rewriting

●   Eliminates spelling and grammar errors 

●   Split sentences for better readability

●   Supports multiple languages. It can rewrite English, Spanish, French, and Italian content.

●   Has a free three-day trial. 

●   Supports rewriting several articles simultaneously

●   Can generate up to 1000 new spun articles at once

●   Web-based rewriter


●   AI-driven

●   High-quality spun content maintains coherence

●   Supports multiple languages.

●   Rewrites content in seconds

●   No download or installation needed to use


●   Higher cost compared to other rewriting tools.

Jasper AI

Jasper is an AI-driven content rewriter that uses advanced algorithms to automatically rework your content, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly solution. With the help of these advanced algorithms, it can understand sentence contexts, hence, it outputs spun versions that capture the essence of the original composition.

Key Features:

●   AI-powered content generation

●   Focuses on readability and context

●   Uses NLP Technology

●   Comes with built-in templates

●       Google Docs style editor


●   Works well and accurately even for large-scale rewrites.

●   Supports rewriting in 25+ languages.

●       5-day free trial with 10,000 words


●   It is expensive to use.

●       It takes time and effort to learn how to use it efficiently


Spinbot is your quick content makeover buddy. It’s like a thesaurus on steroids. With a click, it swaps words for synonyms, giving your writing a fresh twist. It’s perfect for when you need a fast change-up but remember, for the slickest results, the human eye still shines.

Key Features:

●   Basic spinning using Artificial Intelligence 

●   Automatic synonym replacement

●   Easy-to-use interface. 

●   Spinbot also works as a paraphraser


●   Spinbot is free to use!

●   It is simple to use and users do not need to sign in to use Spinbot.

●   In addition to spinning, it also enhances grammar and readability

●   It is an online tool accessible from anywhere.


●   Limited customization and character limit (10,000 characters daily)

●       The output might not be as coherent as desired especially when compared to paid rewriting tools.


SpinnerChief is your versatile content chameleon. It is an article-generating and rewriting software that outputs content with a very high level of human readability and uniqueness because it uses “The Best Natural Language Analysis” and “Artificial Intelligence” techniques to understand your articles just like Google.

Key Features:

●   Desktop and web versions are available

●   Cloud-based thesaurus technology with over 20 languages supported.

●       Team version that supports collaboration available

●   Equipped with content duplicate checker

●   In-built grammar checker and auto-grammar fix built into this article rewriter

●   API Access

●   Inbuilt WordPress submit function or users

●   Various spinning mode


●       A free plan is available for new users

●       Supports multiple languages

●   Bulk spinning and rewriting options are available

●   Comes with an in-built grammar checker and summarizer

●       The pricing model is flexible


●   The free version has limited features

●   The price is a bit expensive

●   Complicated interface, and requires support to master.

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is arguably the best article spinner out there. It uses a natural language processing algorithm that produces high-quality texts that is readable and plagiarism-free. It pays attention to context and is one of the few rewriter tools that guarantee your content won’t lose meaning after spinning it.

Key Features:

Use of Emulated Natural Language Technology (ENL).

●   Can output up to 1000 different variations from just one article.

●   Supports bulk article spinning.

●   Allows for paragraph after paragraph or sentence after sentence spinning.

●   Spelling and grammar check

●   HTML version of the spun article is available

●   Features stock photo integration

●   Video Tutorials

●   WordPress Plugin


●   Spin Rewriter has a simple, easy-to-understand dashboard

●   Customizable spinning options

●   5 days free trial

●   Money back guarantee

●   Lifetime plan/license available

●   Unlimited article rewrites

●   24/7 Customer Support


●       Lifetime access is expensive

Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is another article rewriter that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence. It takes your article and rewords it to meet your needs without losing meaning. This is because it uses algorithms that are capable of understanding the context of words used and will spin them intelligently. It is a go-to for lots of content creators.

Key Features:

●   Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology.

●   Supports manual editing

●   Single Word Spinning and Sentence Controls,

●       Support Multiple languages


●       Easy to use and navigate

●   14 days free trial offer

●   Integrates into many common SEO tools.

●   Rewrites into different languages


●   Not too great for automatic rewrite: 

●       It is desktop-based and works best on windows


QuillBot paraphrasing tool may be best described as a creative sidekick for your writing. It can rephrase sentences to add a new spin to your content and polish your writing style. With its advanced AI algorithms, Quillbot works by detecting the meaning behind sentences and reformulating them based on that meaning.

Key Features:

●   AI-powered thesaurus

●   Equipped with writing assistants and content optimization tools such as grammar checker, summarizer, plagiarism checker, and citation generator.

●   Provides thorough revisions with changes including synonyms, phrase substitutions, active/passive voice adjustments, and much more.

●   Provides nine different paraphrase options, from formal to imaginative to simplified to custom.


●   Simple and easy-to-use interface

●   Free forever plan

●   Quillbot is an effective spelling and grammar checker.

●   Integrates with various platforms, e.g., access to Google Chrome extension


●   Only a limited number of words are available in the free plan.

●   Certain features such as preventing Quillbot from changing certain words are only available in the paid version.

Small Seo Tools

SmallSEOTools is a free article rewriter and a good alternative to paid premium rewriter tools. While it may not perform as well, some human review and editing will correct any errors they may be. The platform is fairly easy to use.

Key Features:

    ●   It is essentially a toolbox containing an article rewriter, plagiarism checker, and a bunch of other tools that can assist you in content creation.

    ●   It allows users to upload content either from Google Drive or Dropbox.

    ●   Daily spin limit of 2000 words.


    ●   It is 100% free

    ●   Easy to use

    ●   Variety of SEO tools in one place

    ●       The article rewriter is accessible online.


    ●   Lacks advanced features of dedicated spinning tools.

    ●       Requires manual rewriting

    ●       Lacks integration with

    Content Professor

    Content Professor is a web-based article spinner and content rewriting tool that allows you to quickly and easily create unique and high-quality content. It offers a variety of features to help you rewrite your content, such as synonym replacement, sentence shuffling, and paraphrasing.

    Key Features:

    ●   Content Professor has a library with more than a hundred thousand articles that you can use as a starting point.

    ●   It supports non-English languages

    ●   It is user-friendly and has a simple interface.

    ●       You get access to three nested spinning levels

    ●       Plagiarism checker


    ●   A suite of content tools

    ●   Combination of creation and spinning

    ●   Easy to use

    ●   Large database of PLR articles

    ●   Affordable pricing


    ●   Can sometimes produce low-quality content


    Copymatic is yet another AI copywriting software. Yes, you read that right, it is more than just an article-spinning software. Copymatic is specially designed for crafting highly converting copies for social media ads, landing pages, emails, newsletters, etc. The interface is easy to understand and use, users only need to select the writing tool they want to use, for example, a landing page or social media ad, and proceed to fill in their product details. Explain as much as possible about the product or service you provide so that Copymatic can better tailor content to your needs.

    Key Features:

    ●   25+ languages

    ●   API Access

    ●   WordPress plugin

    ●   Website Generator

    ●   Different writing tools like social media ads, landing pages, and blog post generators

    ●   It is specially designed for copywriters


    ●   Free trial

    ●   Full-fledged copywriting software

    ●   Supports multiple languages

    ●   Copy templates available

    ●   Allows multiple users


    ●   The starter plan limits you to 1,000 credits per month

    Final Thoughts – spinner re-writer tool for non english

    I am positive that by this time, depending on your need, use case, and resources, you would have decided what tool would work best for you. This is because the effectiveness of each tool can vary based on your specific needs, content quality standards, and preferences. And always remember, that it is important to review and edit spun content manually to ensure accuracy and coherence. You could call this the article spinning Golden Rule and you should always keep to it.

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